Metros Team

In 2012, the Club decided to expand its member base with a new team competing in the Metropolitan League North Division Three.

Led by player coach David Williams, the team finished second in its maiden season behind Perth City by just two points. After securing promotion in 2012 to Division Two, the team again secured promotion in 2014 to Division One, where it played for the next three seasons.

In the 2018 season, following some changes to the club structure, the Metros team played under new coach Josh Whittington and were able to achieve an impressive second place finish and promotion from their division.

Metro Team Placings

2012 Metro Division Three – Second Place
2013 Metro Division Two – Ninth Place
2014 Metro Division Two – Second Place
2015 Metro Division One – Sixth Place
2016 Metro Division One – Fifth Place
2017 Metro Division One – Third Place
2018 Metro Division Five – Second Place

How to get involved with the Metro Team

If you believe you can add value to our Metro squads, please contact Coach Josh Whittington on 0401 395 670 to discuss further.